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CCS offers DUI Counseling, Clinical Evaluations and Counseling.
DUI Services


A person is determined to be a multiple DUI offender when there has been two (2) or more DUI arrests within ten years (was two in five years law changed 7-1-2008). You must successfully complete a DBHDD approved DUI Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction Program and undergo a Clinical Evaluation and, if indicated, complete a Substance Abuse Treatment Program. The Clinical Evaluation is an assessment conducted by a DBHDD approved licensed or certified professional who is certified in the field of addiction. You must select a Clinical Evaluator from the DBHDD approved list. Based on their professional findings, the Clinical Evaluator may recommend treatment. Treatment means attendance and participation in the ASAM level of programming recommended by the Clinical Evaluator. The minimum amount of Treatment is six (6) weeks for ASAM-Low Level I and seventeen (17) weeks for ASAM-Full Program.  Treatment is required if determined necessary by the Clinical Evaluator. Be sure you attend a DBHDD approved DUI Intervention program.



Confidential Counseling Services provides: *Court mandated Alcohol and Drug Evaluations *Pre-court Assessment and Evaluations *DBHDD State Approved Clinical Evaluations *Out of State Alcohol and Drug Evaluations



Kim Muller, M.Ed., ICADC has a Master's Degree in Psychology/Sociology from The University of Georgia and 20+ years experience providing Substance Abuse Education and counseling in a variety of treatment settings.  Most notably in her 11 years working with impaired health professionals at a nationally recognized Impaired Health Professionals Program. She is an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and a State of Georgia, DBHDD approved Clinical Evaluator and Treatment Provider. In addition to her private addictions practice, Kim has also provided consultation services on site to local DUI schools and hospitals.

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